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Skup aut Warszawa – natychmiastowy kontakt. Dojazd do właściciela samochodu 7 dni w tygodniu o każdej porze.

Get to know our company

Skup Aut Warszawa is a family-owned Polish company operating in the local market since 1991. It was founded and is run due to a great passion for the automotive industry.

Why choose our car buying service in Warsaw?

We offer a car buying service for used cars in Warsaw and nearby towns from both private individuals and companies. We buy well-maintained cars in perfect condition as well as those with mechanical damage or involved in accidents. Our car buying company does not specialize in buying cars that are ready for scrapping, commonly referred to as junk or scrap. We do not buy heavily rusted cars.

The services provided by our company are innovative and aimed at providing our customers with convenience and comfort in selling their used cars. We provide free pickup and valuation of the car 7 days a week. We confirm the fact of buying the car by signing a classic sales contract. By selling your car to us, you immediately receive payment in cash or by bank transfer. In addition, you receive a refund of your liability insurance.

Car buying is associated with a company seeking bargain prices for cars, and that’s a fact. We buy cars below market value because that’s the profile of our business, but we pay quite high prices for well-maintained cars from Polish dealerships. Our many years of experience have allowed us to get to know the used car market, demand for these cars, and precisely understand the expectations of future buyers of used cars.

We know which factors increase the value of a car and which factors significantly reduce its value. Knowledge of the automotive market and expertise in vehicle construction and operation allows us to offer our customers a favorable car buying price.

Check out how easily, quickly, conveniently, and profitably you can sell your car without leaving your home. Choose a trusted family-owned company with tradition.

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Opening hours

stationary car purchase – 6 days a week
Mon – Fri: 09:30 – 18:00 | Sat: 09:30 – 15:00

mobile car purchase – 7 days a week
Monday – Sunday, at any time

Get an online car valuation.

We offer car purchase in Warsaw and Mazovia.
We provide stationary and mobile car purchase.
We are at your disposal 7 days a week.